Alter Ego Series 3 : Candy Tree


Candy doesn't grow on trees, you know! It's not like you can just pick them from the delectable frosted boughs, lovingly brushing the powdered sugar from their colourfully shiny stickiness! It isn't as if you could just grab a handful of deliciously sweet suckers from a nearby branch, weighted down with crystals of sugary goodness! Yeah. Mmm. I forgot where I was going with this one.

Imagine an infinite number of alternate dimensions, sliced thin like salami and all layered together in a delicious sandwich of universes. In these parallel strata of time and space, the Squishables are very, very different. Squishable Alter Egos are all the Squishables that might have been (and almost certainly still are...somewhere). Released in collectors' sets of 5, each one is Snacker-sized, with a base of beans and our special soft fur. Because some things are universal.


5(w) x 5(d) x 7.5(h) inches. Polyester fiber, ages 0 and up!

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