Micro Squishable Snuggly Snail



"In this world of instant communication, sometimes it's harder than ever to give ourselves time to relax. That's why Micro Snail's new course, "Speeding up by Slowing Down," is sweeping the nation from boardrooms to living rooms and everything in-between! In this exciting lifestyle guide, Micro Snail describes the simple joys of going for a nice walk with no particular destination in mind! How to make cookies without staring at the oven the entire time! And perhaps the most popular, how to enjoy each bite of the cookies when they're done instead of eating them all at once! With Micro Snail's proven method, your days will be brighter, and your cookies will last longer, than ever before! 

3 squishy inches of Self-Help Snail. All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only!

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