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Squishable Cute Octopus - Pre-Order


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Octopi are the cephalopods of the future! Sure, they have been doing the eight-legged rhumba across the oceans for millions of years, but their predictive abilities are only now being discovered by science! These days, Octopi are predicting soccer matches, picking lottery numbers and even helping mutual fund managers create portfolios that deftly balance risk and reward!To be honest, we're not so sure about the last one, but then again, we haven't been on a tour of the saltwater aquariums of Wall Street in a while! Nevertheless, we have some prognostications of our own: this Octopus will love sprawling out on your bed, patiently awaiting your cuddles, and you'll love it right back!

15 squishy inches of fuzzy forecast. All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only!


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