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Undercover Santa Disguise


Oh ho ho, what do we have here?
A festive disguise full of holiday cheer!
Whichever agent wears this suit
Will certainly look jolly cute!

The boots, the beard, the holly chapeau-
Required gear for the season of snow!
But be warned, if you’re stocked with cookies and stuff,
They'll disappear if a whirlwind of fluff!

Any agent who wears this Santa Disguise
has a very keen nose and dessert-seeking eyes!

Completely removable 7" Santa disguise! Fits any Squishable Undercover Agent base animal (Bunny, Kitty, or Corgi)! This disguise is not made to fit standard Squishable Minis...even though it still might. All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up!

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